Hello! This is Imagination Space Agency. We got our big start in 2006 when I built the rocket you see above. Here is a picture of the whole thing (not stretched funny). If you're wondering how we got this thing outside, we used two long pieces of PVC pipe.

What do you need to begin building

  1. 10' by 8' hanger 
  2. 4 large boxes (make sure the command module box has room to fit you)
  3. At least two rolls Duct Tape (any brand) or masking tape
  4. Roll of Aluminum foil (heat shield)
  5. Some clear plastic for viewports
  6. Any kind of old electronic things for controls. (Make sure you check with your parents!!!)
  7. Empty milk cartons
  8. Pillows for bunks
  9. Old phone (if you don't have an old phone, any walkie-talkie would do) 
  10. A large space outside to launch